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Dr. Jim Hyland, Chief Gum Guardian
Dr. Jim Hyland


Chief Gum Guardian
Dentist, gum care advocate

Dr. Jim launched because he wants to prevent others from having to go through what he did. When he was just 12 years old, Dr. Jim had to have a tooth pulled and fillings in a dozen others. He also found out that proper oral care could have avoided this pain and misery. He decided he'd become a dentist.

Dr. Jim graduated from the dentistry program at the University of Toronto and launched his own practice. Today he's part of the team at Sheppard Yorkland Dental. Determined to provide the best possible dental care and advice to his patients, Dr. Jim monitors and applies the latest research and techniques in oral care.

Dr. Jim has been a teacher at the University of Toronto faculty of dentistry, Seneca College and George Brown College and a staff member of the North York Hospital dental department. He also regularly lectures and writes on a variety of topics related to preventive and corrective gum care.

In 2008 Dr. Jim adapted a new treatment system into his clinical practice and was so impressed with the results he saw among his patients that he became a partner in the company that provided this oral health solution. Today, this company – Oravital Inc. – provides dental and medical practitioners with the most advanced and effective solution for detecting and treating gum disease and bad breath available anywhere.

Respected for his professionalism and dedication to the dental profession, Dr. Jim has served on numerous boards and committees of his local society for more than three decades and served two terms as president. He's also a member of the Crown Council, a highly respected global alliance of dentists who provide leading-edge procedures in dental health, wellness and prevention.

Dr. Jim launched to educate people about the connection between the health of our gums and our physical wellbeing and to provide the latest information about how to prevent and to treat gum disease.